I’m fat, now what?
In 2013 I was really depressed about my physical condition. I started working out at the gym but nothing happend, even if I went 3 times per week. After some analysis I found out that it actually matter WHAT you do at the gym and doesn’t work to just show up.
I was due to be home with my daughter for 3 months during the summer, you can do that in Sweden, so I thought that this would be a perfect time to focus on getting it right.
I fell for an infomercial about MMA inspired fitness training that you could do at home. I made the call and a few days later I had a 90-day schedule and 10 DVD’s with 40-70 minute workouts.
I followed the schedule and came out 12 kg slimmer and fitter than I had ever been in my life.

I slim, no what?
So I had gotten slim and fit, great! How the hell was I going to maintain this? I knew I didn’t want to dp the 90-day fitness back to back for the rest of my life so I started to look for a form of training I could do for life. The gym wasn’t it, I was so bored an unmotivated in the gym.
I saw a show on TV about an open water swimming race that’s arranged every summer in Sweden. The distance was 3000 m. So I though: “I can’t swim, this is a great idea!”.
I started struggling in the pool and later joined a swim club taking lessons. There I met a group of men that had started their own swim club with the name Triathlon in it. So I joined them.

If you can swim, you can run. If you can run you can cycle. Triathlon it is!
I started training with the swim club guys and understood quickly that they met more often than once or twice per week in the pool. They ran and took their bikes for a ride on Sundays. Soon they started to push me into trying triathlon. And So I did and it was the most fun I have ever had while getting a workout. Since then I’m hooked.

Current goals
I’m not a great triathlete but here are my goals right now.

Swimming: a CSS (critical swim speed) of 1:30 seconds / 100m for 1500 meters
Cycling: 35 km/h average for 40 km
Running: Sub 40 minutes for 10 km (10kSub40)


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