Music, the love of my life!

I don’t know how to play but I do know how to be a rockstar!
I started playing in bands at the age of 12. I didn’t know how to play but I knew how to be a rock start!
After attending a DJ-class I started DJing and got into electronic music. That became my first business since I needed it to be able to get paid for the gigs that I did and also the equipment that I rented out.

An era of electronics
Since I was into electronic music in the beginning of the 90’s techno and raves was a natural outcome.
When I turned 15 I started making my own music playing around with my computer. It was quite easy and it sounded OK. I also got a gig at the local non-profit radio station which gave me access to an enormous source of materials to sample from. When I started high school a met a guy who also was into music and we quickly started an internet based records label where we released our and others music online for free download. This was 1998.
I was discovered via our site and signed to release a few records for a Swedish record label. I had to come up with a pseudonym and chose the name C. Garette. I also got to release another track on a compilation CD under my own name. After releasing a few records I got booked to play more gig’s and rave and among them was the now infamous rave palace Docklands in Stockholm.

12 years of silence and then came a french man, or was he english?
I got pretty involved in my other businesses and career during the 00’s and didn’t make any more music after my record label went bankrupt. I did have my studio and upgraded it continuously but I didn’t release any music.
Until the EDM genre started taking of and I though: “Hell, screw credibility I’m going to make pop music!”
So I made a few more mainstream songs, revived my label, got a distribution deal and relaunched myself as Anglais. The name means English in French and is a word play with my family name, and also a knick name an old colleague of mine had for me. Anglais will be releasing more tunes when he is ready.

Bring back the dead
C. Garrette has been sleeping in his grave for nearly 15 years now and I’m currently working on his revival. Hi is due for resurrection in late 2015.

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