Effective management is not about giving directions, it’s about giving responsibility

2012-12-25 All things in my head, Business Angleflod

Many managers struggle with how to get their teams more efficient and autonomous. Many managers are stuck in a micro management way of leading their teams and can never seem to get any leverage from the teams work. However bold strategies they set or however well planned their projects are they always have to be […]

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Weak leadership brings chaos to a group

I’ve been taking my son to practice ice skating during the winter. The training is lead by different coaches every week and they are all very different. Some are teenagers from the local field hockey teams and some are older coaches for these teams. The group of kids range from 15-25 every week and the […]

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Take back the control of your time: refuse email

I hate email! Email is a medium that you’re not in control of. A person can send you an email with a task or something they want you to do even if you haven’t approved the task. The common view is that once you’ve sent the email, the task in it becomes the receivers problem. […]

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The key to getting more things done faster: Slow down!

The multitasking brain is a myth. Well, not a myth entirely but it is a true myth that your brain can multitask more than one intellectual task at a time. Let me first explain my view on intellectual tasks and then get back to my point. Any task that needs more than 1% of your […]

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If you want to get things done: Put your ToDo-list where your Email is.

Many poeple are becoming slaves under their email and most of them can spend an entire work day just reading and answering mails. Most of them will also find themselves thinking “what did I really accomplish today” at the end of a work day? There are a number of reasons why email is enslaving entire […]

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A little shopping list of watches

2011-08-14 All things in my head, Life Angleflod

I just completed my shopping list of watches that I have to, one day, buy. There are just 5 of them but they are real pieces of art, all of them. When I put the list together I thought that this is actually a really good list and that I should share it with everyone […]

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Calendar Management not Time Management

Many of you will soon be returning to the office from a summer vacation and this is the absolute best time to start fresh if you want to get better organized and free up some time in your life. There has been a lot of talk about Time Management these last years but this is […]

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