Father, Founder, Funder, Swimmer, Cycler, Runner

Parts Of Life

These are the different things I spend my time on.


I’ve been DJ and producing music since the mid 90’s. Here’s a collection of what I have done and where to listen to my different songs and projects.


From telesales to startup CEO within telecom. I think I can say that I’ve seen most of it. From that I’m now exploring investment, personal health care and technology.


A while ago a bunch of old men inspired me to start training in multi sports. Now I compete in triathlons, duathlons, swimruns and most things that include swimming, cycling or running.


There are many things I think needs to be fixed in this world. My principle for attacking these problems are the same as how you eat an elephant. Piece by piece. These are the Non-Profit organisations I have founded or support actively.


Learning more about myself, the world around me and YOU is what I want to spend my life doing.

I’m currently foremost a father of two brilliant children. They are my greatest creation so far in life. Music I’ve been active as a DJ/Producer since the mid 90’s, that’s why there’s a music section here. Look into that and my music. Business Professionally I spent the first 15 years of working in the telecom industry. I’ve done everything from being a telesales rep to building a startup from scratch as CEO. A couple of years ago I started a seed capital company and started looking for my next adventure. I found that in the idea that later became hidn technology which I’m currently CEO of. Read more about that under the business section. Triathlon In 2014 I started swimming with a group of rally hard 45-50 year olds. The got me into Triathlon so I’m currently competing in triathlons and open water swimming. Non-profit I have just founded a non-profit organisation that is called Why Nations? The organisations aim is to counteract nationalism and promote global thinking through education about the origins of nations.

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